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Pregnancy Care

We spend a lot of time during your pregnancy developing our relationship and preparing for
labour, childbirth and new motherhood. Pregnancy care may look like:

  • Helping you clarify your vision of birth

  • Discussing your fears and expectations

  • Teaching you the basics of childbirth and postpartum

  • Discussing previous births

  • Bringing to light your birth needs and create a unique, personalised birth plan

  • Enhancing your confidence in your body's capacity to birth

  • Practicing labour and pain techniques to assist you in feeling relaxed, strong and empowered

  • Ensuring that you know your options and are confident in advocating for yourself in order to make the best possible informed decisions

  • Helping you clarify your postnatal needs, prepare for healing, breastfeeding, and looking after a newborn. 

Birth Support 

My goal is to help you get the birth you want. When labour starts, I may meet my client at their place or join them when they transition to the hospital. During labour and birth, I may support you by: 

  • Holding space for you and your partner 

  • Improving your self-confidence

  • Helping you find comfortable and effective labour positions

  • Protecting your privacy

  • Creating a safe bubble around you to protect you from distractions, pressure, or fears that may slow down the natural progress of labour

  • Providing you with reassurance and perspective

  • Assisting with relaxation, massage, breathing and other comfort strategies

  • Advocating for you

  • Facilitating communication between you and the hospital staff, to ensure you make informed decisions

  • Supporting your partner in getting involved and feeling confident. ​


Postpartum Care

Bringing your baby home can be as magic as overwhelming. Postpartum care is all about supporting you emotionally and practically so that you can focus on your recovery and bonding with your baby. It may look like: 

  • Debriefing the birth together

  • Providing you with a safe space to share your feelings

  • Offering you validation

  • Assisting with breastfeeding or formula feeding

  • Caring for your baby while you rest or shower

  • Assisting with settling techniques (massage, wrapping, etc)

  • Assisting with light housework

  • Assisting with basic cooking or groceries

  • Helping out with siblings 

  • Protecting your privacy and postpartum bubble while getting your friends and relatives involved

  • Improving your and your partner's coping skills

  • Closing of the Bones Ceremony

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