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Mini Doula Sessions


Self-advocacy against obstetric violence

I am deeply passionate about empowering women to achieve the birthing experience they desire. Recognising that comprehensive doula support may not be accessible to everyone, I'm excited to offer mini doula sessions.


These sessions are tailored to focus on essential aspects of birth preparation, including creating a personalised birth plan, mastering self-advocacy techniques to ensure your rights are upheld during childbirth, and fostering an environment where your voice and preferences are respected. Every woman deserves to approach childbirth without fear, feeling in control, and free from trauma.


After this mini doula session, you will know more about:


  • Your rights in childbirth;

  • Informed consent when giving birth;

  • Hospital policy and guidelines; 

  • Obstetric violence;

  • How to strategise maintaining your autonomy in the hospital; 

  • How to manage labour’s functional pain;

  • How to have an undisturbed birth. ​

Duration: 1.5 hours online

Investment: $110

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