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Closing of the Bones Ceremony Melbourne

Closing of the Bones Ceremony

A Closing of the Bones Ceremony is a beautiful ritual for mothers looking to reconnect with their bodies and find emotional and physical balance after giving birth. It is a traditional postpartum ritual that is performed in many cultures around the world. During birth, the mother's body, mind and spirit have to open and let go from a deep and vulnerable place to bring a new soul into the world. The ceremony aims to close the mother up emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It is typically performed at 6 weeks postpartum, although it can also be offered and beneficial at any stage in your motherhood journey. 

The ceremony involves a birth debrief, a relaxing bath. some healing herbs and oils, as well as some body wrapping/binding of the new mother.

My intention behind this offering is to HONOUR, WITNESS, and ACKNOWLEDGE the rite of passage from maiden to mother, that is often lost in the Western world today. It is about giving new mothers the space to feel nurtured, release emotions associated with giving birth and motherhood, and transition into their postpartum period with care and support.

Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours

Investment: $250

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